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Farming in St. Michael

since 1896

The future of farming

The future of farming is here, and it is a movement being led by farmers who no longer rely on chemicals to create a bountiful harvest. Farmers like us are growing & selling healthy, clean, and pure crops without compromise. This new way of farming is creating a level of trust, honesty, and transparency with local communities that purchase our goods. Building farms into a self-sustaining entity not reliant on big corporations or governments to buy our harvests. We are happy to be part of the future of farming movement.

We are proud that Gubersky Gluten-Free Organics, is the first farmer-owned and operated gluten-free, organic processing facility in Canada. We are happy to carry the family tradition of farming passed down by Paulo Gubersky who pioneered the farmland that we continue to use today, back in 1896. His hard work and determination inspire us to continue his legacy by becoming leaders for the future of farming.

The future of farming doesn’t stop with us. It requires the support of consumers like you because leading change is everyone’s responsibility. Building the future of farming starts with all of us, respecting mother earth. Making good choices that organically nurture our soil and our souls.

– Randy Gubersky

My Great Grandfather Paulo Gubersky

Why we exist:

Everything we do is to empower people (consumers and farmers) so that they can become healthy and aware.

How we do it:

By educating the consumer about healthy eating, farming, and the environment.
By being transparent in our farming and processing methods.
By being socially responsible to our Consumers and Mother Nature.

We farm on the original plot of land where Paulo Gubersky’s homestead still stands.

How We Grow Our Crops

Our method of growing dates back to the old ways handed down by our forefathers. A time when their crops were grown naturally and faith was placed on Mother Nature for a bountiful harvest. We continue this method of farming but now with the help of science and technology.

We grow our crops with crop pairing. This is a rotational system where we let one crop rest for a calendar year while growing on another crop at another location close by—repeating this process every year.

Why crop pairing? It’s all in the micronutrients.
Crop pairing allows the land to rest and regain any lost micronutrients in the soil taken by the oats the year before. It increases the health of the earth and long term performance. Every year a crop rests, we increase the micronutrients, which builds a more robust, more fertile soil structure. But it needs some extra help from us.

How we rest our crops every year.
In the spring, we till the resting cropland and plant a mixture of seeds. This mixture of gluten-free seeds on the resting crop is allowed to grow wild. Our gluten-free seed mixture includes pea, buckwheat, radish, and fava bean seeds. Once the crop is seeded, we give them an added jolt by spraying this crop with a natural seaweed concentrate sourced from British Columbia. This process is called Green Manure. Our goal with each resting cropland is to regain any lost soil nutrients from last year’s crop planting. We are helping rebuild the soil content naturally.

The importance of Green Manure.
Conventional farming uses chemical sprays to help the soil regain natural nutrients. While this process may work for some farmers, we prefer to take the natural route. Our experience with Green Manure has given us years where our crop yields are higher than average. Rebuilding the soil naturally injects it with micronutrients you would not get with engineered chemicals. It encourages strong crop growth, which minimizes invasive weed development. When the earth is strong and healthy, the crop planted grows thicker, choking out any sunlight to weeds trying to grow at the soil level. We believe in our process and have been implementing it for decades.

Why these seeds?
The seed mixture of pea, buckwheat, radish, and fava beans have various root lengths. Some will reach deeper into the soil than others. All of these seeds take the nitrogen out of the air and consume it. The byproducts are then filtered through their root system, creating a healthy and chemical-free soil structure at various depths. Helping rebuild the micronutrients at greater depths than conventional farming.

It’s Fall, time to compost.
In the fall we work the land with all that wild seed growth and let all those wonderful plants rest on the soil they just helped rejuvenate. Over the long winter months, the plants compost back into the land. In the following spring, we till the ground. Mixing all that wonderful compost into a healthy micronutrient filled soil, we begin preparing it for crop seeding. Repeating the resting process on the other crop we just harvested our gluten-free organic oats from.

Our Mission:

To supply consumers with the purest organic gluten-free products available.

Our Vision:

To create a world where farmers are self-sufficient local suppliers to their communities.

Our Values:

Honesty and integrity in every aspect of our business and personal lives.
Family is the foundation of everything we do.
Faith in our products and Mother Nature to nurture our land and souls.
Bring happiness to everyone who interacts with our brand.
Show gratitude for our success by giving back wherever we can.

Our Story

Paulo (Pavlo) Gubersky (Great grandfather to current owner Randy Gubersky) was one of the first 136 Ukrainian immigrants to settle in Alberta. Paulo took up residence in an area north of St. Michael, Alberta, in 1896. When Paulo settled on the farmland, he was raising livestock and growing grain. After Paulo’s passing, Randy’s Grandfather took ownership of the land, continuing the farming tradition the same way Paulo had created. Randy’s father then inherited the land and now to Randy, creating four generations of the Gubersky Family to care for their family’s land since 1896.

When Randy took over, he saw missed opportunities with the land they owned, so he started looking at farming to create growth and profits. While most farmers would purchase more land to increase profits, Randy saw it differently. He knew he could increase profits by simply maximizing the land he currently owned. Randy knew that to increase profits was to process, package all of his farm crops, and sell directly to consumers and distributors.

His out-of-the-box thinking directed him to organic farming. In the beginning, people scoffed at his idea, but the community began to like his ideas for organic farming and see the value-added vision he was creating.

In 1998, Randy had his land certified Organic. Organic oatmeal crops were the start of his farming vision. Soon afterward, he began the process of having his land certified gluten-free to minimize his competition. All of the Gubersky farmland was certified gluten-free in 2015. That was only one step towards his main objective – becoming a farmer-owned & operated certified organic, gluten-free processing facility.
2018 was when all the pieces came together. An extensive renovation to the family farm began with processing and packaging equipment installed and outfitting the barn with solar panels.

Today, Randy’s vision of supplying consumers with gluten-free, organic oat products is well underway. His farming transparency and continued pursuit of growing natural healthy crops lead to the future development of products beyond oats.